Unlimited hybrid cloud file storage

Managing data storage growth is a challenge faced by almost all businesses. This is because there is significant cost management associated with local storage. Organisations often purchase more storage capacity than they need, resulting in overpayment and overprovisioning. They must perform time consuming and risky data migrations. They must also install, maintain, cool, protect, power and retire local storage. Each of these processes entails additional costs, risks and time. AclassNET Cloud NAS changes that. Using Cloud NAS, organisations maintain the cloud storage features that their local storage offers without ever running out of space.

Ventajas de AclassNET Cloud NAS

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Always have free space: Aclass Cloud NAS creates unlimited storage capacity.
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Keep your current structure, you do not need to create any new file structure.
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No new file system to learn.
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Reduce your costs: No more periodic upgrades of storage equipment and no more data migration problems.
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It takes up no space in your company, requires no electricity or human maintenance.
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Feel secure: Much more reliable than most local storage systems.
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Protection against ransomware or crypto locker threats.
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Restore your data from the cloud if your local drives fail or your important data is lost.

Why use NAS Storage with Aclass

Move your “cold data” to the cloud

At the time of their creation, files or archives are always considered as hot data. Hot data is active and frequently accessed by users and their applications. If this data has not been accessed in the last 90 days, it cools down very quickly and the likelihood of it being accessed drops dramatically. Between 75 and 90 percent of stored data is cold and consumes primary storage capacity on their disks or local storage.
On average 80% or more of a company’s historical data can be transferred from local storage to the much lower cost and more secure AclassNET Cloud NAS cloud storage, freeing up capacity for additional data growth. When businesses use AclassNET Cloud NAS, they can set policies that determine which files are automatically moved to the cloud. This can be done when local storage capacity reaches a specific limit or when files have not been accessed for a certain period of time: i.e. ‘cold data’. Alternatively, data can be instantly moved to the cloud as soon as it is saved.

Cost savings

Every terabyte of data removed from existing local storage and the associated backup environment generates real savings as AclassNET Cloud NAS takes the stress out of storage management. It gives organisations the availability, capacity, durability, performance, reliability and scalability they want storage to provide for their data. At the same time, it eliminates all the time and hidden and overlooked costs associated with managing it.

Easy to use. No interruptions. Access data as usual

The AclassNET Cloud NAS solution is hands free and automatic. It requires minimal effort from administrators and does not affect users or applications. Data migration is seamless and automatic based on the storage policy you define. During the process, data always remains available while capacity is freed up on the primary server. Users and applications continue to access the offloaded cold data in the same way as when it was on-premises; through the same source, the same directory and in the same way, even in the cloud. All data stored in the AclassNET cloud is considered “hot” and is immediately available.

How it works

AclassNET Cloud NAS installs on a Microsoft Windows® computer in five minutes without rebooting and immediately optimises your storage and protects your data. No client software is required on end-user devices. Files moved to the cloud are replaced with virtual zero-byte files on the NTFS file system. These “virtual” files are placeholders that allow applications to function normally, as if the data existed in its original location.
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AclasNET Cloud NAS Dynamic monitoring of locally stored data

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Active files are stored locally and accessed at full speed and low latency

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Inactive files are migrated to lower cost storage, automatically or manually.

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Data is automatically retrieved at the request of users or applications.

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Auxiliary files remain visible to applications and the file explorer.

Helps combat ransomware and accidental data loss

AclassNET Cloud NAS can be “immutable”, meaning that the content cannot be modified or deleted. Viruses and Trojans such as ransomware or crypto locker can attack local, on-premises files, but not cloud copies. No one can accidentally or maliciously destroy data stored via AclassNET Cloud NAS and immutable repositories.

Disaster-proof file storage

If local storage fails, replacement hardware can be recovered with files from the cloud in a matter of minutes. There is no need to wait for all files to be restored. Users can start accessing their data almost immediately.


AclassNET Cloud NAS provides organisations with the ability to offload cold data from their local servers and equipment, but keep it available and retrievable in seconds. Cold data offloading frees up local capacity, making it “unlimited”. No client software is required on the end users. All files are visible from the primary storage, appearing to reside in the same locations regardless of whether they have been downloaded from the cloud or not. All data in the AclassNET Cloud NAS retains its original metadata, including creation and access times, ownership, content, protection and security. It is simple to use and easy to understand and you will always have the best technical support from Aclass.

System requirements

You can install AclassNET Cloud NAS on a computer that meets these minimum system requirements:
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PC with 64-bit processor (x64)

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4 GB of physical RAM minimum

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60 MB of available hard disk space for installation

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Microsoft Windows® 7 / Server 2008 R2 / Windows® 8 / Server 2012 / Server 2012 R2 64-bit /Windows® 10 / Server 2016 / Server 2019

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Important: Computers running Microsoft Windows® 7 / Server 2008 R2 must be running at least Service Pack 1 and have the security updates KB976932 and KB3033929 installed.

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